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About Grainmaster Bulk Storage Systems™

Grain Master Bulk Storage™ is an innovative system for the on-site bulk storage of grains, nuts, fertilisers and other bulk Agribusiness stocks.

A 100% Australian product, Grain Master Bulk Storage™ is protected by patents pending internationally and has been developed in partnership with the Australian Government Agency Ausindustry, as an innovative solution for low cost, bulk storage needs for the Farming Industry.

Grain masters will take the guesswork out of grain storage, delivering maximum profits from your harvest or commercial grain storage business!

Our team of experts have over 25 years experience in the design and fabrication of agricultural sheds and bunkers. Further we have representatives available who have decades of experience in the commercial and on farm storage of grain and can assist with fumigation and monitoring of the grain to ensure maximum tons are available for sale at the growers discretion.

Having a wide variety of Industrial Agribusiness applications, Grain Master Bulk Storage™ reduces the risk of stock damage by vermin and weather.

Assembly of Grain Master Bulk Storage™ may be conducted by farm labour and does not require the use of Cranes or other non-readily available on-farm machinery.

Australian Agribusiness has willingly accepted the Grain Master Bulk Storage™ system as the future of low cost, portable and flexible bulk storage solutions.
Grain Master is now seeking expressions of interest for the licensed marketing and distribution of Grain Master Bulk Storage™ systems internationally.


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