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Grainmaster Bulk Storage Products

Grain Master Bulk Storage at a Commercial Grain Storage Site

At this location Grain Master's client has changed from using traditional forms of storage such as silos and sheds to our bunkers due to decreased set up and maintance costs, increased efficiencies when in and out loading grain.

Completed bunker ready for in fill

We offer assistance with earthworks if required and can design a bunker solution to suit your situation.

Fast load and unload

In and out loading the bunker is quick and makes use of equipment most farmers already have access to. No more cranky drivers waiting to get their load!

Simple and effective!

A proven barrier to storm and pest threats.

Versatile bulk storage

A proven barrier to storm and pest threats. Our bunkers can be built upon any soil type and are completely portable.

Reduces losses

Sleep easy, your valuable grain is safe! Unlike dirt walled bunkers our bunkers have a proven high quality seal allowing for effective fumigation and to secure your valuable tarps. No more sleepless nights worrying if your tarp is still in place or calculating grain losses due to moisture exposure!

Cost effective

Our bunkers offer un-beatable per ton per year cost, you can take control and maximise your profits by selling when market conditions are favourable.

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